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(Advanced Analytics: The Answer to Better Tracking)

VisiStat 6.0

Faster performance. Simple interface.

The latest release of VisiStat offers the most advanced real-time Website visitor tracking technology currently available. Optimized for speed, VisiStat 6.0 is focused on performance, including quicker load times and more extensive reporting.

VisiStat 6.0 contains all the tools and reports necessary to monitor your Website visitors, optimize your online presence, follow marketing, and increase your return on investment. With Interface simplicity stepped up another notch and features like page grouping and domain comparison reports, VisiStat is a problem solver for blogs, small business sites, and the largest multi-domain enterprises equally.

What's New for 6.0

More detail. More enhancements.

Real-time traffic reportingMore than ever, VisiStat reports provide you with powerful control over your Website visitor information. Some of what's new for 6.0:

 • Notes, a VisiStat exclusive that allows users to insert sticky-style memos into reports to indicate key events, reminders, observations and other details - the launch of a new ad campaign, for example - to help explain spikes in traffic and other data events.

 • Stats API, which allows advanced users to take raw data and create custom reports through an API/String interface.

 • StatCaster Widget, another VisiStat exclusive, turns the traditional hit counter into a live data feed, displaying real-time visitor tracking stats on a website or blog for visitors to see.

 • Page Grouping, which gives users the option to aggregate visitor stats for groups of specific pages into one report - an ideal tool for analyzing e-commerce products by category or providing ROI data for banner ad spaces.

 • StatCaster Ticker, a fun way to view the latest website activity in real-time.

 • Page Isolate, which now calculates page views, unique visitors, entries, exits and bounce rate, on each individual page per day.

 • Video Tutorial Library, part of the enhanced Learning Center, provides step-by-step, macro-level help.

 • Browser Filtering that enhances the accuracy of legitimate visitor data by filtering particular computers from being recorded - excluding internal visits to your own website, for example.

 • Global Bounce Rate, for a real-time, site-wide view of bounce rates.

 • Keyword Analysis that provides the ability to see the long tail of visitor searches and analyze how SEO is impacting the site.

You can choose what pages, sites and data you want to track, when you want to track it, and get it all in real-time! 

Search Engine Optimization
& Keyword Trending

Need. Search. Find.

For your business to be successful, people have to find your Website. Simple, right? Well, the famous movie line, "if you build it they will come" is not true online. Merely building a site isn't enough. You have to make it visible, make it available in search engine listings. You do this by keywords.

Search engine optimization (SEO) begins with keywords, and successful searches use relevant keywords. VisiStat reports give you comprehensive views of what words are used to find your Website, what search engines visitors come from, and related user behavior that gets them to you. With this information, you can effectively optimize keywords and SEO and increase your visibility online. 

Key Performance Indicators

Monitor. Identify. Utilize.

Tool features like Key Performance Indicators are part of what makes the VisiStat Reporting Center uniquely easy to use and immediately understandable.

Key indicators provide quick data summaries within the rich reporting environment, which allows you to instantly see what works on your site, identify what doesn't work, and let you enhance the effectiveness of your Website and thereby improve your marketing efforts. 

Tutorial Videos

Grab the popcorn. Watch a movie.

How to use VisiStat video lessons

VisiStat Learning Center instructional videos are now available to give you a quick start into VisiStat reports, or introduce new features quickly. Our tutorial videos feature step by step guides to VisiStat reports. Only a few minutes long, they are fast and easy to use, and available around the clock in your Support/Learning Center. 


Secure. Control. Accessible.

Set up and manage user access and permission levels for your Website reports with customizable Permissions! Through your Reporting Center you can easily control all your account options, including setting up user access to specific pages and reports.

Each user can be assigned a unique password and specific permissions - you can control who has access to your reports, and which reports you want to share. 



Easy. Fast. Comprehensive.

VisiStat's rich set of features takes analytics to a fresh and proactive new level. Of course we provide great visitor reports, page views, unique visitors, referral links and all the essential basics. But, that's just the beginning.

VisiStat has taken a quantum leap beyond the expected, to provide today's business movers and shakers with uncommonly rich and powerful reporting data that is more than easy to understand -- every report and data set is convenient to use, available in real-time, and specifically designed for business application on the fly. 

Stats API

For Tech savvy users. Build your own reports.

API feature to build your own custom reportsWith this Stats API, more technical users have the ability to extract certain report statistics and use them to build their own reports. A very geeky tool that adds a completely new level of availability for Web analytics applications. 

Real-time Monitoring

On-demand. Real-time. Right Now!

With VisiStat's StatCasting® technology, you can view your Website visitors in real-time! See them find your site and follow their movements as they navigate your pages. Great for instant feedback on target marketing and to learn more about your visitors' habits for potential Website improvements and increased sales. 

AdCaM® - Ad & PPC Tracking

Measure it. Track it. Manage it.

AdCaM 3.0 - Advertising Campaign Marketing Management Do you know every time someone responds to your advertising, or exactly how effective your marketing is? With AdCaM, you can know it all in real time. You can quickly manage your online advertising with ease and confidence; save time and money by putting your ad dollars where they are most effective. AdCaM® shows if your PPC dollars are paying off, monitors conversions, and is an effective tool in fighting click fraud. 

Real-time StatCasting® Widgets

Beyond hit counters. Display traffic in action.

Real time StatCasting & Information Reporting StatCaster®, one of our most popular (and addictive) features, has received some updates for 6.0. Along with optimizing speed, we have introduced the StatCaster widget for displaying selected visitor tracking data right on your Website or blog, for your visitors to see. We've taken the old hit counter and turned it into a miniature data feed that delivers stats in real-time! 

Global Geographic Reporting

Location. Location. Location.

VisiStat's powerful world reports provide both map and list-style visitor details based on location, country, city, state, province, ISP (Internet Service Provider) and more. These give you a comprehensive way to see where your visitors accessed your Web pages - locally and internationally.

By understanding where your visitors come from, you can most effectively focus marketing efforts, direct page content and pinpoint geographic markets. 

Domain, IP & Browser Filtering

Evaluate. Filter. Expedite.

VisiStat reports provide you with unprecedented control over your Website reports and visitor information, with tools like customizable domain and IP filtering. You can choose what pages, sites and data you want to track, and when you want to track it! 

VisiStat Notes

Personal tracking of events. Make a note.

The reporting center now includes "Sticky"-style Notes that allow easy memo keeping on your reports by day. A small edit box opens and allows you to note events, observations or anything you would like to keep for reference. Click to the Calendar view and see all your Notes by month. The calendar view is also a great way to share group Make notes directly in your reporting center!communication among those who have account access; this feature expands on the ability to use VisiStat as a single, bundled tool, by providing a means to add personal information into your tracking tools. 

Live Customer Support

Focus. Priority. Live Response.

Fast, thorough and dedicated customer service is a major priority with us, and we take your needs very seriously! Our dedicated support staff is genuinely interested in helping you get the most from your VisiStat account, and they are available online and by phone. We challenge you to find better customer support anywhere! 

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