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Not only do we create your work and properly pre-press the files, but we also can hook you up with the right printing source. We've worked with digital and offset printers, online printers, local printers, screen printers, and sign shops to create our clients' projects. We've even dusted off the ink-jet and color copier for a few! Whatever your needs, we're here to satisfy them! Learn more.

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Our very first freelance project was actually a 250 page book for the University of Kearney at Nebraska called "A Prairie Mosaic: An Atlas of Central Nebraska's Land, Culture, and Nature." It encapsulated everything from science to art and history. Our scope of the project included typesetting, designing the layout (cover to back cover), adjusting photography, corrections, and pre-pressing the files.

Finding the right work is like discovering your own soul in the world."
Thomas Moore

design for printed materials such as books, catalogs, booklets, e-books, manuals and more


Sublime Artistry's Customer feedback on our graphic design services

Client Reviews about our Catalog and Book Design Services

There is constant pressure in the catalog and print industry to connect the dots for our customers in a multi channel world. We use Sublime Artistry not only to articulate our business needs to both our internaland external creative and production teams, but manage our customersexpectations as well.  It is important in managing our catalog and printspend that we have reliable, budget conscious partners that can assistin growing our business and customer relationships, that is why wechosen to align ourselves with Sublime Artistry.

 Kody Bren  Director, Catalogs and Print Production Corporate Express

As Creative Manager at Cabela’s I have had the pleasure of hiring Melody for a number of freelance projects. Most recently, she designed, oversaw production and Art Directed the Florida photo shoot for one of our Women’s catalogs. The book was a huge success and everyone involved with it was very happy with her work. Melody is one of those rare Art Directors that will always go the extra mile to make a project come together. She is very
creative and has an excellent work ethic. I would recommend her highly for
any freelance project.

 Dennis Roberts  Creative Manager/Softgoods,  Cabela's Catalog Dept.