About Melody

Melody Hansen, Nebraska Graphic Designer

 How dare I call myself a graphic designer?  Not everyone is, you know. Being able to select a fancy font and four clip-art graphics in your word processing software doesn’t exactly make you a designer. Nope, to get a good graphic designer you have to mix together a lot of personal creativity, patient attention to details, plenty of classroom hours, mastery of new technologies, and that special “eye.” I feel I have that mix.

With 5 years of schooling, a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communications and Design, 3 years of working at a printing press, 2 semesters in the department's design internship program, 2 years of inhouse experience, and almost 12 years of freelance experience, I feel like I've got a pretty good understanding of how good design all comes together.

Sublime Artistry has developed over the years as a productive home-based business with a clientele list across the United States that continues to expand through the referrals of enthusiastic clients and hard work. I have done design projects and contract design for nonprofit organizations, design firms, banks, schools, entrepreneurs, corporations, and many more.

I am currently renovating a building to use as my studio/office and physical location and will be posting a blog article soon about those adventures!

While I am the sole designer at my location, I have a vast network of colleagues and professionals that I outsource to as often as needed. I've brought Kristi Dvorak on as a part-time contract project director which makes my workflow more productive and helps to keep me on schedule. I still maintain the design part of our projects, but I have learned and finally accepted that my weaknesses are someone else's strengths and I'm not afraid to open my arms and welcome their expertise when needed. While I may be one designer working from my home, I truly do have a team behind me. My continually growing network of creative individuals, businesses, and online resources makes Sublime Artistry just as powerful and competent as any design agency. If it can be published, either by press or web, we can visualize it and create it.

Okay, so a picture is worth a thousand words. Contact us today and see for yourself why so many clients keep coming back to Sublime Artistry.