About Kristi

Kristi Dvorak, Project Director for Sublime ArtistryIt's about time we introduce Kristi. After all, she's only been project director at Sublime Artistry for over a year now! Kristi Dvorak began her adventure here as project director in July 2010, and wow, the time has flown by! She has been a great addition to our list of contract labor team of individuals, and she is what makes Sublime Artistry tick! As a client, you will deal with Kristi throughout most of the project and will be the one you initially speak with about your project needs. Also, we have been busy creating a new service named Sublime Ballyhoo in which Kristi and Melody are partners in, we'll be posting more about this at a later date!

Kristi came to us with eight years of advertising agency experience, having been with two of Nebraska’s largest ad agencies working for a variety of clients such as Raytheon Aircraft, Rain Bird, Runza, Cellular One, Bryan LGH, Martha Gooch, Cushman/Ransomes/Ryan, and many more. She also worked for three years at Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. as a communications specialist in the marketing department until her and her husband and brand new baby daughter moved “back home” to rural central Nebraska. Since there were no jobs available in advertising/marketing in her small community of 600 souls, she worked for five years as head bookkeeper/office manager for a fertilizer company, until another short move down the road led her to become a licensed insurance agent. A short time later, she was presented with the opportunity to become her hometown’s first economic development director, which she did for two years. Then, while freelance proofreading on a website designed by Sublime Artistry, she met Melody. They clicked instantly, and soon she was able to return to the line of work she truly enjoyed.

These days, Kristi spends her time with Sublime Artistry coordinating projects from start to finish; populating, revising, and optimizing websites; writing; proofreading; building email campaigns; working with clients; scheduling deadlines; and pretty much anything else we throw her way! She also contracts out her services directly to businesses for a variety of business services such as proofreading, business correspondence writing and formatting, flyers, databases, photo and document scanning, email campaigns, and website maintenance. She is also a partner with Melody in their newly created service called Sublime Ballyhoo, which is soon to be launched and will provide businesses assistance with website maintenance, social media, blogging, email campaigns, and SEO maintenance.

In her spare time, Kristi works on her dad’s farm spraying thistle, runs a small scrapbook store, loves to scrapbook both by hand and digitally, and “play” with old family photos. She loves spending time with her husband of 17 years and her nine-year-old daughter. Apple products bring a twinkle to her eye, and Kristi is also a Disney fanatic and enjoys almost anything Disney related, including her new (small but growing) collection of Disney Vinylmations.

Also, check out the article that was published in a local paper about Kristi and her new business location. (Article from arnoldne.org and The Arnold Sentinel.)