(Simply Designing)

Some of our clients may already have a web tech lined up for their websites and are merely looking for a good graphic designer to lay it out. For that client we offer our services for designing the home page and inside page template and providing their web techs with those templates in an easy to use layered format for them to dice up and integrate into your website.

(Full Time Web Tech)

Don't feel like paying the extra hosting fees with SublimeSiteCMS and don't want to do the updates yourself? Maybe you prefer a web tech to be there to do the dirty work for you. This is the option built just for you. We have connections and can get you hooked up with the right people, pronto. We take care of the design and "our people" take care of the rest.

(Simply Designing (continued))

We do caution our clients to use an experienced web tech, or someone that has a good grasp on details. This can make or break the design. No use paying for a professional design if your web tech isn't going to stick to the designer's requests and design layout.

Another more obvious con to this route is the monthly web tech fees that may be involved. With SublimeSiteCMS your hosting fees pay for the service and you save a ton of money not having to pay a professional to make your website updates. On the other side, a pro to this route is more freedom with the variety of page layouts you may want or need. With SublimeSiteCMS you are limited to one home page and one inside page design, unless you want to pay a little extra.

If this sounds like the route you should be going please contact us for an estimate today. Be sure to select the proper option in the "Website Service" drop down. Sublime Artistry is looking forward to spritzing up your current site, or laying the fresh foundation for a new one!

(Full Time Web Tech (continued))

While we still encourage our clients that SublimeSiteCMS is the way to go in creating a strong web presence, we understand it's not for everyone. Clients must realize that while you may be saving some monthly hosting fees, you're still gaining monthly web tech fees, which typically out do the SublimeSiteCMS hosting fees by a wide margin. So while on the outside this may look like the more affordable route to take, it doesn't usually pan out that way.

However, everyone has their preference and we don't want to take that away from you. You choose what you want, or give us the facts of your service and site and we'll choose for you. A few of our clients even chose to pay for SublimeSiteCMS for it's flexibility yet prefer for us to take care of the actual updating for them. We have very reasonable web tech fees in this instance. Fill out a request for an estimate to get started today! Be sure to specify your website service preference in the appropriate field.