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The importance of adapting your design skills to hone in on many types of design styles is important. Many times I will search the portfolios of the competition and see repetition, repitition, and more repitition in the design styles and approaches they use. This is great if they are targeting one type of client, but for Sublime Artistry we like to widen that area-of-expertise to include clients of all types.

Time and time again, we've proven ourselves capable of fun and energetic design methods that are loud, colorful, and trendy. However, we also are very capable of clean, simple, and minimalistic. This is the approach we used for our latest client, Comfoltey Financial Services.

This client wanted a new logo that symbolized their services as a financial consultant and with a hint of feminine since a majority of their clientele are women that are experiencing their first major financial responsibilities. They wanted clean, simple and professional.

Comfoltey Financial Services LogoSublime Artistry searched their database of fonts and also online at to find the perfect font that would be the building bricks of this logo. We settled on Aviano-Sans which had a very "monetary" flare to it. We then proposed several logo comps to the client and they eagerly selected the design shown on the right.

The logo represents their company as a financial service with the use of the grid/graph, a common representation for many financially related businesses. The letter "c" for "Comfoltey" rises up high to show growth on the background grid, and gently wraps around the shadowed globe to reflect the feeling of "embracing" and assisting. Extra depth was added with a drop shadow, giving the logo an aesthetically pleasing dimension. The color scheme and script of the "c" mark really communicate a strong feminine vibe. Another element, the thin curved line, was added to the logo to give it a slight feminine touch as well as well as provide us another element to carry through collateral materials, stationery and more.

We believe this logo is a great example of how we can stay within the boundries of clean, minimalistic design styles that maintain our clients' every need.

Sublime Artistry also completed a stationery set and presentation folder for Comfoltey Financial services using the logo as a basis and integral part of all the components and layouts.

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