(SublimeSiteCMS: A Necessity)

Once you try our  free demo,  we think you'll  discover  what many of our website clients realized. SublimeSiteCMS is simply to  good  to be true! You can easily update your very own website in an easy to use interface, even build out entire pages if you feel the need. Absolutely no HTML experience required.  Really.  Why not explore the features that SublimeSiteCMS has built into it then give it a whirl.

CMS Website Monthly Costs (includes hosting)











10 Pages
1GB Storage
100 Products

25 Pages
3GB Storage
1,000 Products

50 Pages
6GB Storage
2,500 Products

100 Pages
12GB Storage
5,000 Products

Unlimited Pages
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Products

We stand out above other hosted software because our CMS system includes every feature on every plan. So, no matter if you choose Simple or Sublime, you still get access to all of our powerful tools.

  • Cloud Hosting built right into your monthly costs
  • Mobile-Friendly Design will look great on a mobile device or tablet without having to build a separate mobile website. (Full blown mobile sites will be estimated separately)
  • Easy-to-Use Tools (My 10 year old makes updates to these sites!)
  • Complete Online Store potential built right in!
  • Images & Galleries element makes it easy to add images, galleries and slideshows (you can even drag and drop from your desktop!)
  • Form Builder allows you to build contact forms, surveys, registrations, payments and more!
  • Blogs, Podcasts, & RSS allows a blogging solution with no limits and lots of flexibility.
  • Calendars & Events element makes managing and displaying events on your website super easy!
  • Social Integration is a must these days. We can add social media icons to link to whatever your fave venues are, facebook, twitter, pinterest, google +, instagram, the list goes on and on....
  • Amazing flexibility to add any type of content to any region on any page!
  • Our built in search engine tools will help you master placement in search results.
  • Get unlimited users with enterprise-level permissions control! Awesome!
  • Phenomenal Support from a knowledgeable team! Every site we build includes dedicated support from our team of experts.

What does SublimeSiteCMS cost?

 First,  we will need you to do a website questionairre to better understand your website needs.  Second, we will provide you with an written estimate of the initial design fee costs involved and our suggested hosting/cms monthly costs from below. Our design fees are NOT shown below, they vary on a per project basis. Once you accept the estimate the design process begins! In a perfect scenerio, with a client approving the initial design concept quickly, we can have your site up in 4-6 weeks!

What does insta-SITE cost?

What is the biggest advantage of insta-SITE compared to SublimeSiteCMS?   Minimal design fee-  as compared to custom development costs. Lightning paced site launching capabilities. An existing template customized for your business at the same great affordable monthly cost. Plus the turnaround is amazingly fast. What is the biggest disadvantage? The template customized for you is just that (a template) and could and is probably being used by other websites or companies even though we may customize it with your look, style and colors. You are also not allowed to take this template with you if you should ever decide to move your website to another system. If you want that flexibility then SublimeSiteCMS is more for you.

Logo design and custom graphics are not included with an insta-SITE website. We can provide you with an estimate if you are needing these. However, the great built in slideshow feature IS included if you are wanting something more dynamic on your site.

We will help you find stock photography for your website, but you (the client) are responsible for purchasing the stock photos.

Can I host on my own server?

No, SublimeSiteCMS Software is only available as a web-based, hosted application. Your hosting plan is included in your monthly plan. We host all our SublimeSiteCMS and Insta-Site(CMS) websites at a tier-four data center with multiple redundancies on all critical systems. In short, it just doesn't get any better when it comes to hosting environments. Here are a few details and key features of our hosting environment:

 Located in the premier Tier IV datacenter in Dallas, Texas.
   Three redundant electrical power grids.  Battery backups, generators, and on-site fuel storage.     Cooling and physical security.    Multiple redundant fiber internet connections.    Data backups every night. 

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